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lundi 18 août 2014

Worls de Coblence en english !

Le commentaire de L'Empereur sur le World Coblence posté sur le forum FoG :

1/ Thanks to all german friends who welcome Us and us so well! And particularly to martin who help Us to get our train tickets to go back home! May be because he preferred it to fit us…

2.1/ Thanks to David than win with mayans… some thing We did not know to do last year… and surrely never!
2.2/ second thanks to David, because… was it reasonable to let the Germans win two World Cups in the same year?

3.1/ Thanks to Gilles to be the first french Saturday evening… you let us dream of a French victory all night long… before disappearing in a cloud of feathers!
3.2/ Second Thanks to Gilles… We were the first French Friday morning… We stay Sunday afternoon!

4/ Thanks, to Xavier to be the first French to hurt so hard Ferdi… a record hard to beat! And to Ferdi to give him the sticker with his name as trophy! Really fairplay!

5/ Thanks to Lynda to show Us what to shoot during the town visite!

6/ Thank you to the players that We played. All games were played passionately while remaining friendly! And it was a pleasure to played so many country!
Ranking by classement…
6.1/ To Pete, because We and we want to since last years for a native fight! and the year before when he finish behind Us at the fourth place! A first question, pete… in “Yuan Chinese”, Yuan mean mongols And, a second question, where are the chineses Thanks again, but the next time will be Our!
6.2/ To Gordon for the quiet during the game! It was peace full! But question Gordon, why you kill Us at the end
6.3/ To Marc, because his name sound French and is this the first American we played… and defeated!
6.4/ To Stefan, because he played carthaginian without elephant! And played a really beautiful army… than he don’t paint himself!
6.5/ To Murray, because his arab conquest army his really beautiful… but he paint it himself! And to be the first Australian we played!
6.6/ To Leonardo, because he defend hardly for a young player, one year playing… Attention, all of you, it will be redoubtable in the years to come! And a special thanks for the “1” on the death role of your 3 heavily armoured knights defending your camp, when Our only 3 armoured knight loose a base and became fragmented!

7/ thank you to Ruth who drive Us to the beauch saturday night and to all those who have been forgotten

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